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Skin & Bones - A ghoulish photo and make-up collaboration for Halloween!

 (Article originally posted on where I live and work as Director of Community Relations)

Striking a pose for the Skin & Bones photo shoot

Striking a pose for the Skin & Bones collaboration

On the evening of Oct. 25th which also happened to be the evening of a full bright perfectly timed Harvest Moon, I had the pleasure to be the model for the final session of the "Skin & Bones" collaboration. This was an event created by professional photographer, Marianne  of Marianne B Photography and make-up and special effects artist, Maria Delehanty.

Through out the month of October, these 2 ladies have created beautiful artwork with a variety of models high-lighting different parts of the anatomy with detailed make-up work focusing on the bones and muscles of the human body followed by a photo session done in the dark with a high intensity light source providing just the right amount of lighting to pull out the details of the make-up work.

Upon my arrival, I went straight to the make-up chair where Maria started by mixing her make-up palette with what looked to be just 3 colors that she needed to craft this bony look - nude, black, and white. With a quick and deft hand she had my face done in no time. She then moved right on to my neck area to design the sinewy layout of bones and muscles.

Maria Delehanty putting finishing touches on my make-up

Maria Delehanty putting the finishing touches on my make-up

After the make-up was set, I got set up in front of a grey background with the lights out and only a single light source beaming down from my left side to really create some high drama photos. With all of her models, Marianne only wanted them to be wearing very simple white so that everything including the makeup would pop out against the dark setting. We got some test shots in just to make sure the lighting and camera settings were good to go and then my "living dead girl" went into action with some serious poses. No looking pouty or pretty for this photo shoot.

A close-up of Maria's handiwork

 A close-up of Maria's special effect make-up work

After the photo shoot, Marianne went immediately to work downloading the images and pulling the  best candidates that showcased the Skin & Bones concept. There were so many great selections to work with. It was just amazing what the right camera work and make-up can do to convey an idea.

Marianne selecting some of the best shots

Marianne selecting some of the best shots

Take a look at some of the additional photos from my shoot as well as the other models that were part of this fun photo collaboration.

I give good face...scary face that is

Giving some serious scary face

This is one of my favorite images from the series of Skin & Bones photo sessions. The spinal make-up is just so amazing

Focusing on the face and with this wardrobe choice, this half lit skull has a very

Dia de los Muertos look

These detailed fingers and wrists are just incredible

 Hamming it up with Maria.

After a long evening of make-up and photos we all get to ham it up a bit and enjoy seeing the final product of all of our efforts. A scary skull smiling in full light might be even more frightful than the photos from this session! I had such a blast with these ladies. I've had the pleasure of working with Marianne before for a fashion photo shoot and she is just so easy going and fun to work with. This was the first time I got to work with Maria and I'm so glad I got to know her. She does regular make-up work, but she absolutely LOVES getting to do special effects projects so she was totally in her zone for this shoot.

These ladies are always creating collaborations and looking for new projects so make sure you follow them on their Instagram handles @mariannebphotography and @mariadelehantymua to keep up with all of their beautiful work!!


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