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Happy Mother’s Day to the Original Fashionista!!

Today is all about this woman who has always been one of the most fashionable, stylish ladies I can even imagine!

Her unique style and poise even in her teenage years is pretty admirable. She managed to look as glamorous as a silver screen star on a lesser than shoestring budget.

Her passion for beautiful clothes and always looking like a million bucks led her to learn how to sew and make her own clothing and she most certainly passed that skill to me! I was always enamoured by everything she did!

Here are some of my favorite images of my mom, the fashionista from her young days...

Glamourous as ever even when working in the fields

Ready for action in her matching outfit and bike

I’ve always LOVED this “Coke and a smile” photo of Mom!

With some pin curls in her hair, Mom is pretty cute taking a break from some migrant work. Don’t be fooled—These pin curls will be coming down, she’ll be changing into a gorgeous party dress, and she’ll be hitting the local dances in the evening looking like the cat’s meow!

I'm totally psyched about having some Mom time!

On the streets of Mexico with Mom and her Jackie O sunglasses

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