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Friday Night’s Headliner for the Art Hearts NYFW Show...Willfredo Gerardo!

Thrilled to celebrate with Willfredo at the finale of his AW2018 collection!

Always looking to shake things up when it comes to red carpet drama, Willfredo Gerardo stole Friday night’s Art Hearts NYFW show. Gerardo and his gorgeous, ethereal gowns in aquatic shades of turquoise, champagne foam, and deep sea black were an unexpected take on his typical vibrant jewel tones. They set a surreal tone of decadence and sensuality that will leave us all wanting to have a red carpet moment “under the sea”!

   Transparent turquoise to kick things off

A gorgeous champagne foam bubble translucent gown of lace

The deepest underwater black depths shimmer in this liquid black sequin gown

A tight cocktail body-con dress in a liquid sport tech fabrication

Gorgeous engineered lace creates an ethereal feel

A deep sea diver’s wildest dream of life in the dark depths of the ocean

More liquid sequins with a beautiful back cut-out

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