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Tito Puente Jr. rings in the New Year with me!!!

It’s the New Year and what better way to kick it off than chatting with Tito Puente Jr. on what it’s like to be the namesake of the legendary “King of Latin Jazz”, how he’s taken a modern approach to the big band sound of Latin Jazz, managing the iconic brand of Tito Puente and its estate with his family, balancing his work-life, all while making it look pretty easy!  

It’s no surprise Tito Jr. is a fireball of energy with lots of great plans in his musical future to bring the story of his family to the screen, compose new types of Latin music fusing some metal mambo with edgy rock and working to bring more talented female vocalists and musicians in the spotlight with him just as father had the greats like La Lupe and Celia Cruz involved in his music.

Tito at his New Year’s Eve 2018 bash!!

You can go to the direct Latin Business Today link Celebrity Spotlight Interview with Tito Puente Jr. - Part 1  to see the first segment of this awesome and energetic interview with the talented and charismatic Tito Puente Jr.!!!

And visit iTunes to download his first single of the new year, “Mi Socio” joined by the lovely and talented Melina Almodovar

Mi Socio...The video will be soon to follow! Stay tuned!

Follow me for next week’s Part 2! 

And click on Chronicles of Tina  to see other fun and inspiring lifestyle stories!!

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