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What's the buzz....Spring 2018 Print Concepts that transition us to Early Fall!!

With the ultimate textile and print show, Premierevision in NYC last week, we got the scoop on some of the hottest trending print concepts for Spring 2018. Check them out.....

Spring Through Transition 2018 Print Trends

Vintage Botanicals

 Vintage botanicals are re-envisioned for a new era. With vibes of Art Deco, we see beautiful sketch/line work as well as mixing of flora and fauna. Colors are a bit soft and muted. High usage of greens keep the patternwork true to its origins of nature.

Psychedelic Flower Power

 A resurgence of bold and bright florals bring back that mod '60's flavor. Simplified floral shapes with just easy outlines or linear fills evoke that era. Turquoises, yellows, greens keep it feeling very vintage. And classic red, whites and blue make for an easy and understandable version of this look.

Textural Interest

This may be one of the newest trends for prints. Taking a beautiful print and placing it on top of stripes, gingham, or cross-hatching. It combines 2 patterns in 1. In other versions we see crackles and ink splotches spreading  in the backgrounds for more effect. It's all about creating more visual "texture"

Havana Nights

 And lastly for those of us who crave that jungle feel in our summer apparel, bold oversized palm fronds, birds of paradise, and conversational parrots keep the season in check. Some of the newest ideas for this tropical outlook are making prints in high density/high coverage as well as integrating a blush/pink into the mix of typical greens, teals, and turqs that we expect in our tropical prints.

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