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Getting Inspired at the NYC Printsource show today!!!

A little taste of the assortment of prints available at this week's Printsource show

It might have been cold, drab and dreary this summer morning but today was a perfect day to hit the print show and start collecting ideas for all of our wonderful private label brands that collaborate with us as well as some of our in house brands. It's impossible to not get creative when you're shopping for prints. They help connect the dots within your ideas for color palettes, textures, themes for your collection and everything in between! They are the "muse" that gets you inspired!

I had a few key areas to shop for today, but one of my top priorities was for Men's Fall 2018 development!

On a mission!

A beautiful mix of menswear friendly patterns

Some of the beautiful paisleys, florals, and Asian inspired conversationals that create our fashionable men's story

Pat Nugent Design helping us out today!

Looking at runway for inspiration, but keeping it real at the end of the day..

Some "real" looks that will be hitting our showroom soon!

Setting up some men's early concept boards to showcase our trends for Fall 2018.

Putting some of today's newest print selections into our new Fall 1 men's assortment of plaid, denim and print woven shirtings. It's amazing when it comes together! We're ready to get the show on!

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